How to Microwave Vienna Sausage

Written By Acacia Crossley


We have all had those days when nothing is left in the cupboard, and we are waiting for payday. Vienna sausage is the ideal budget meal that is both easy to make and easy to flavour, acting as a great protein base for various meals. 

Better yet, there are many ways that you can cook Vienna sausage. But can Vienna sausage be microwaved? And if so, how does it taste compared to other cooking methods? 

To microwave Vienna sausage, pop it into a microwave-safe dish, cover and then microwave for around 2 minutes.

How to Microwave Vienna Sausage

Vienna sausage is not everyone’s first choice of protein, and using a microwave to cook the sausage is certainly not the first method that comes to mind when you pick up a can of the sausage at the supermarket.

However, Vienna sausage is one of the more effective meats to cook in the microwave and is extremely easy to do. Here is how to microwave Vienna sausage: 

  1. Empty Into a Safe Bowl
    There is no need to prep the Vienna sausage. Simply find a microwavable bowl (glass, ceramic, or porcelain will do) and pour the sausage and broth from the can directly into the bowl. 
  2. Cover With Plastic Wrap 
    If you are using a bowl that does not let the broth fully cover all of the sausage, then tightly wrap some plastic wrap over the top of the bowl to help better retain any moisture. Remember to poke a few holes in the plastic wrap, so the sausage doesn’t become a mushy mess. 
  3. Microwave 
    All that is left to do is microwave the Vienna sausage on the highest setting of your microwave for around 2 minutes or until the sausage itself is hot.
  4. Serve
    Do not wait to serve your Vienna sausage, as it will quickly become cold. Instead, have other prepared ingredients ready to go as soon as the sausage has finished cooking. 

How to Microwave Vienna Sausage Successfully

Although microwaving Vienna sausage is very simple, there are a few tips you can use to get the most out of the sausage. For example: 

  • Replace the Broth – Some love the taste of the broth that comes with Vienna sausage, using it as a natural pairing to help flavour their meal. Others hate it. But the broth is ideal for preventing the sausage from drying out too much in the microwave. If you do not like the broth, replace it with chicken stock or plain water on a 1:1 ratio. 
  • Cook the Broth Separately – Vienna sausage can be added to a range of dishes but may not always work as well if you cook the sausage in the broth directly. Instead, separate the broth and cook it in a different bowl alongside the sausage.

Why You Should Microwave Vienna Sausage

Choosing to microwave Vienna sausage has many of the same benefits that people value about Vienna sausage in the first place: 

Quick and Cheap

The whole point of Vienna sausage is that it is supposed to be an easy way to add protein to a dish without spending a ridiculous amount of money. 

When microwaving Vienna sausage, you will only have to wait a few minutes until the sausage is properly cooked and will only need to use everyday items you already have in the kitchen to prepare it.

Can Cook Multiple Things at Once

Suppose you only use a medium-sized bowl to microwave your Vienna sausage (all that is needed). In that case, the chances are that there is more than enough space to microwave some additional vegetables, rice or sauce at the same time as the sausage. 

This can save you the effort of using the stovetop and time in the kitchen when you need to be quick. 

Easy to Customize the Flavour

There is no fancy trick to microwaving Vienna sausage. So, you can easily add your own herbs, spices or broth alternative to the bowl you use to microwave the sausage and create a unique and delicious dish without any effort. 

Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Vienna Sausage

Unfortunately, like any unconventional cooking method, there are some disadvantages to microwaving your Vienna sausage that you ought to be aware of before you microwave it: 

Lack of Texture

Many prefer to fry or boil Vienna sausage to add texture to the otherwise dull protein. This is not something that can be as easily achieved in the microwave.

Depending on what you are using the Vienna sausage for, this could affect the overall quality of your meal. 

Lack of Colour

Like the above point, many use alternative methods to cook Vienna sausage to make the sausage itself look more appetizing and incorporate it better into their dish. 

When microwaving Vienna sausage, there is no noticeable colour added to the sausage, which can make for quite a dull plate. 

Microwaving Vienna Sausage FAQs

If you have unanswered questions about Vienna sausages, then these quick FAQs might help you out:

Can You Eat Vienna Sausage Out of the Can?

Eating Vienna sausages straight from the can is safe as they are cured or smoked and then stored in sterilised cans where bacteria cannot form.

Are You Supposed to Cook Vienna Sausages?

This comes down to personal preference. If you are happy to enjoy a Vienna sausage cold, then you do not need to cook them. If you want them hot, you’ll obviously need to cook them.

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