How to Steam Mushrooms

Discover Whether It's Possible to Steam Mushrooms

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There are lots of ways to prepare and cook mushrooms. Sauteed mushrooms served up with rich garlic butter are hard to beat, but this is just one of a number of ways that you can prepare these nutrient-rich vegetables. With this in mind, can you steam mushrooms? 

To steam mushrooms, pop mushrooms into a strainer or colander over a pot of simmering water for around 10 to 15 minutes until just cooked through.

How to Steam Mushrooms

Of all the methods of preparing mushrooms, steaming them is perhaps the healthiest. Because you don’t add any additional ingredients, you can enjoy the full nutrients of the mushrooms as intended without adding further calories.

Below are the steps you need to follow to steam mushrooms successfully: 

  1. Add Water to a Pan and Heat
    Half-fill an appropriately sized pan with cold water and bring it to a boil on the stovetop. 
  2. Prepare Mushrooms
    Wash your mushrooms thoroughly and slice them to your preference if you desire. Then leave to one side until the water is boiled. 
  3. Reduce to a Simmer and Add Strainer
    When the water is boiling, reduce the heat and maintain the water at a simmer. Then, add a strainer to the top of the pan, ensuring the bottom remains above the waterline. 
  4. Add your Mushrooms
    Place the mushrooms in the strainer and then cover with a sheet of aluminium foil. Leave them to steam for between ten and fifteen minutes, depending on the size of the mushrooms. 
  5. Serve and Enjoy
    Add seasoning and any other herbs or spices to your mushrooms before serving. 
Can You Steam Mushrooms in the Microwave?

Yes, it is possible to steam mushrooms using the microwave. Pop 120g of sliced mushrooms into a suitable container and microwave for 8 minutes, uncovered until cooked through.

Can You Steam Mushrooms in a Steamer?

Yes, mushrooms can be steamed in a steamer. They will take between 10 and 15 minutes to steam depending on how much you have cut them up.

How to Steam Mushrooms Successfully

Here are our top 3 must-read tips for when steaming mushrooms:

  • Add Some Flavour – While steaming mushrooms is healthy, they will taste a little bland if you don’t add any flavour. Consider adding herbs like rosemary or thyme to the water as it’s boiling, or you could even opt to steam your mushrooms over stock instead of water. 
  • Use a Rice Cooker – If you have a rice cooker in your home, use it to steam your mushrooms. This saves a lot of time and hassle and will steam them perfectly. 
  • Serve Over Garlic Butter – Once you’ve steamed your mushrooms, serve them over a knob of garlic butter for an incredible side dish. The butter will melt as you place the mushrooms in the dish, so give them a good stir, so it covers all of the mushrooms equally. 

Why You Should Steam Mushrooms?

Given the various ways that you can cook mushrooms, here is why you should steam them: 


Steaming mushrooms is perhaps the healthiest way to prepare them. They retain all of their nutrients, and you don’t need to add any additional calories or ingredients if you don’t want to. 

Easy to Prepare

There’s nothing complicated about steaming mushrooms, as you can see from the steps listed above. Once your water is ready, you need to cover them well, and they should be ready in around ten to fifteen minutes. 

Why You Shouldn’t Steam Mushrooms?

In spite of the benefits above, steaming mushrooms isn’t necessarily the best way to prepare them, and here’s why: 

They Taste Bland

Steaming or boiling mushrooms doesn’t add anything to their taste. Unless you season them with herbs or steam them over stock, your mushrooms will be relatively tasteless once they’ve been steamed. 

They Will Retain Lots of Water

Steaming mushrooms makes them moist and juicy, which is ideal for some people. Others, however, prefer mushrooms to be firm and crispy. Sautéing or frying mushrooms are better options if you don’t want them to taste watery.

Is It Safe to Steam Mushrooms?

It’s safe to eat mushrooms raw if you choose. As such, you don’t need to worry too much about undercooking them, at least from a health perspective.

One of the most important things to check is that your mushrooms have been cleaned thoroughly before you prepare them, as dirt presents the most significant danger to your health. 

Do Mushrooms Steam Well?

Steaming mushrooms is an excellent way to enjoy them healthily. They will retain lots of their nutrients and will be juicy and moist, which is a desirable texture for many people.

The main complaint people have when steaming mushrooms is that they can taste a little bland, but you can rectify this by adding seasoning, herbs, and even butter once they’ve been prepared, which offers an improvement in their taste. 

Steaming Mushrooms FAQs

Below are a few other questions that get asked when discussing whether you can steam mushrooms or not:

Can All Types of Mushroom Be Steamed?

Although all mushrooms can be steamed, we would recommend sticking to cheaper varieties such as button mushrooms. Steaming mushrooms doesn’t show them off in their best light. If you’ve got pricier mushrooms such as chanterelles then you are better off pan-frying in plenty of butter.Steam Mixed Mushrooms

Are Steamed Mushrooms Healthy?

Yes, steamed mushrooms are healthy because there is no oil or butter at use during the cooking process. It’s just mushrooms and water.

Can You Steam Enoki Mushrooms?

Yes, enoki mushrooms can be steamed. They actually cook really well this way. Steam them over water for about 10 minutes before dressing with soy sauce, sesame oil and some grated garlic.

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