How to Reheat Corn on the Cob

Discover 2 Ways to Reheat Corn on the Cob Successfully

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Corn on the cob offers the perfect level of sweetness without being too overbearing and pairs well with a range of fresh summer meals. Unfortunately, like most vegetables, corn on the cob is hard to find outside its harvesting season.

If you are a lover of the sweet, golden cob, then you could always stock up on the vegetable and try reheating it the next time you have the craving. 

To reheat corn on the cob, you can pop it onto the grill for a few minutes, turning it every 20 seconds until it is charred all over. It can also be reheated in the oven.

How to Reheat Corn on the Cob

No matter how you reheat corn on the cob, you will not have to wait longer than 10-15 minutes to sink your teeth into the deliciously sweet corn. Though some reheating methods do better preserve this flavour than others. 

Here are the top 2 methods you can use to reheat corn on the cob: 

How To Reheat Corn On The Cob On The Grill 

Corn of the cob is an excellent addition to any summer barbeque. While you’re grilling some burgers and hot dogs, you can also throw some corn on the cob on there to reheat. 

Grilling the corn on the cob will give the corn those pleasing grill lines and a slight smokiness so long as you follow this method:

  1. Cover With Butter
    To ensure that the corn on the cob remains hydrated while being reheated, brush some butter directly onto the corn. 
  2. Move To The Grill
    Do not place the cob directly in the centre of your grill. Instead, place it somewhere slightly to the side of the grill where the heat is more medium than high. 
  3. Reheat
    Allow the corn on the cob to reheat for 20 seconds. 
  4. Rotate
    After 20 seconds, use a pair of tongs to rotate the cob 90 degrees. Then leave to heat for a further 20 seconds. 
  5. Repeat
    Continue to rotate the cob every 20 seconds until the corn is hot. This will take roughly 2 rotations but may take longer depending on your grill’s temperature. 
  6. Serve
    Remove the corn on the cobs from the grill and serve immediately. 
Grilled Corn on the Cob

How To Reheat Corn On The Cob In The Oven 

When it comes to the end of corn on the cob’s harvesting season, you don’t have to brave the cold to enjoy a well-reheated cob. You can instead use your oven. 

Using your oven to reheat your corn on the cob does take a few minutes longer than when using the grill, but the results will be even more juicy and sweet as you will be using the oven to steam the cobs: 

  1. Preheat The Oven 
    Set your oven to 200C before you start prepping the corn on the cob. 
  2. Prep A Baking Dish 
    In a baking dish, pour some cold water until there is around 1 centimetre of water in the bottom of the dish. You could use a baking tray instead, but the tray will need to be deep enough to hold enough water without spilling everywhere. 
  3. Organise The Corn
    Take your corn on the cobs and equally space them in the baking dish. Do not let the cobs touch each other as they could end up stuck together. 
  4. Cover With Foil 
    Cover the baking dish with kitchen foil to create the steam needed to rehydrate to cobs. Fold down the foil’s sides to keep the steam trapped. 
  5. Reheat
    Place the dish in the centre of your oven. Then set a timer for 4 minutes and leave the cobs to heat. 
  6. Remove The Water
    After 4 minutes, uncover the cobs and carefully pour the water out of the baking tray. 
  7. Brush With Butter
    Take a pastry brush and cover the tops of the corn in a thin layer of butter. 
  8. Reheat (Again) 
    Place the cobs back in the oven for another minute or until the butter has melted into the corn. Then serve and enjoy. 

How to Reheat Corn on the Cob Successfully

The key to reheating corn on the cob is rehydrating the corn as much as possible without diluting the flavour of the corn. That is how the corn on the cob can taste fresh once more. 

Follow these tips to achieve the freshest tasting corn on the cob no matter how you choose to reheat the cobs: 

  • Use Neutral Butter – It may be tempting to go crazy with various butter flavours when prepping the corn to be reheated. However, this can completely disbalance the taste of the corn itself. When reheating corn on the cob, use neutral flavoured butter. Then once the corn has been reheated, you can pair it with any flavours you wish. 
  • Don’t Overcook It – As corn on the cob is just sweetcorn still left on the cob, it tends to dry out as sweetcorn does. The times listed in the methods above are the perfect lengths of time to ensure the corn retains its juicy sweetness. Reheating the cob any longer will ruin the corn’s flavour and texture. 

Is It Safe to Reheat Corn on the Cob?

As it is a vegetable, there is very little risk when reheating corn on the cob. Better yet, it reheats very well no matter which of the above methods you choose to follow. 

You can reheat corn on the cob that has been refrigerated for up to 5 days or frozen for up to 9 months. 

Reheating Corn on the Cob FAQs

If you have other questions about reheating corn on the cob then these FAQs might be of use:

Can You Reheat Corn on the Cob in the Microwave?

Yes, corn on the cob can be reheated in the microwave, but there is a risk that some of the kernels will burst when doing so. This is why it should be microwaved in short 15-second bursts.

Can You Reheat Corn on the Cob in the Air Fryer?

Yes, corn on the cob can be reheated in an air fryer set to 350F in about 3 minutes.

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