How to Reheat Braised Short Ribs

Written By Acacia Crossley


There are few pieces of meat that are as succulent and tender as braised short ribs, but they are not the easiest to master. Getting the right balance of flavour and texture is a very difficult task; even more difficult if you have never cooked a rib cut before!

You wouldn’t want all of your hard work creating perfectly braised short ribs to go to waste. Instead of throwing away your leftovers, save your braised short ribs and reheat them the next day.

To reheat braised short ribs, wrap them loosely in foil before popping them into an oven at around 175C for 15 minutes. You can also reheat them in a pan on the stovetop.

How to Reheat Braised Short Ribs

There are not many reheating methods that can help your braised short ribs maintain their tenderness. Intense heats are more likely to dry the meat out, while low heat will take forever to warm it through, drying it out over time. 

That isn’t to say that no reheating method will work for your braised short ribs.

To ensure that your braised short ribs remain the perfect texture, follow one of these methods below: 

How to Reheat Braised Short Ribs in the Oven

The easiest way to reheat your braised short ribs is in the oven. You can enjoy some fresh-tasting ribs in under 20 minutes with little effort: 

  1. Preheat Your Oven 
    Before you start prepping your braised short ribs for reheating, warm your oven for 10-15 minutes at 175C.
  2. Wrap Them Up 
    While your oven is warming up, use some kitchen foil to wrap your ribs loosely. Don’t leave any gaps, however.
  3. Reheat
    Once your oven is hot enough, place your wrapped braised short ribs directly into the middle of the oven. You don’t need to bother with a baking tray. Reheat the ribs for 15 minutes. 
  4. Check 
    When the 15 minutes are up, use a meat thermometer to check the centre of the ribs. You want them to reach at least 73C before you take them out of the oven. 
  5. Reheat Again 
    If your short ribs are not hot enough, don’t hesitate to leave them in the oven for a further 10 minutes. 
  6. Unwrap And Serve
    Carefully remove the ribs from the oven using a kitchen towel or oven mitt and unwrap the foil from the ribs. Transfer your braised short ribs gently to a serving plate to avoid them falling apart, and enjoy!

How to Reheat Braised Short Ribs in a Pan

Some people find it much easier to use their stove than their oven as it tends to be easier to control the result. This is why using a large pan on your stove to reheat braised short ribs can be a very good idea. Here is how: 

  1. Heat Some Oil 
    Using a pan big enough to fit all of your leftover ribs, drizzle some oil at the bottom of the pan. Turn your stove to a medium heat and leave the oil to get hot. 
  2. Add The Ribs
    Once the oil in the pan starts sizzling, reduce the heat to a low medium. Then add your braised short ribs directly to the pan. 
  3. Add Sauce 
    If you have any leftover sauce or want to add a new sauce to your ribs, do so at this point and use a spatula to cover the ribs with it.
  4. Cover
    Once the ribs are sizzling and the sauce is beginning to bubble, cover the pan completely. 
  5. Reheat
    Set a timer for 15 minutes and leave your braised short ribs to reheat. You don’t need to touch them; just let them warm through.
  6. Check 
    After 15 minutes, use your spatula again and gently lift the ribs from the pan as they have stuck a little. Use a thermometer or skewer to check the central heat of the ribs. You want them to be piping hot. 
  7. Serve
    If you are happy with the heat of your ribs, remove them from the pan and serve. Or reheat them for a further 10 minutes, then serve them as soon as possible with plenty of mashed potatoes, of course! 
Braised Short Rib with Mash

How to Reheat Braised Short Ribs Successfully

Braised short ribs are filling and delicious enough to be enjoyed for days after they are cooked. But to enjoy the ribs, you need to properly reheat them, which can come with its own challenges. 

To make sure that you can have delicious braised short ribs every time, here are a few tips on how to reheat them: 

  • Undercook Your Ribs – You may not always plan in advance to have extra braised short ribs for the next day. However, if you do, remember to initially undercook the ribs by 10 to 15 minutes. This way, when you are ready to reheat the short ribs, you won’t have to worry about overcooking and drying out the ribs. 
  • Don’t Overcook – The worst thing you could do when reheating braised short ribs is reheat them for too long and overcook them. All you need to do is reheat the ribs until they are hot in the middle. Reheating them any longer will start to dry out the meat and ruin the texture. 
  • Use Neutral Oil – If you plan on reheating your braised short ribs using the pan method listed above, remember only to use neutral oil in the pan. Flavoured oil may negatively affect the flavour of your ribs which can be hard to rectify (including olive oil), so save yourself the trouble and use oil that will not change the flavour of your ribs. 

Is It Safe to Reheat Braised Short Ribs?

Like any meat dish, braised short ribs are safe enough to reheat if they have been stored correctly and if you wait until the meat is piping hot all the way through before serving. 

In the case of braised short ribs, the ribs need to be stored in the fridge and should only be reheated if the ribs have been stored for less than 4 days.

Then when you reheat the ribs, the meat needs to reach an internal temperature of at least 73C until they can be considered safe enough to eat. 

Reheating Braised Short Ribs FAQs

If you have more questions about reheating braised short ribs, then these FAQs might help you out:

How Long Do Braised Short Ribs Last in the Fridge?

Leftover short ribs will last between 3 and 4 days in the fridge. Once cooled, they should be popped into an airtight container.

Can You Reheat Braised Short Ribs in the Microwave?

With a splash of liquid, you can reheat braised short ribs in the microwave within a few minutes. However, this method is the easiest way to dry out the meat.

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