How to Reheat Baked Beans

Discover 2 Methods for Reheating Baked Beans

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Baked beans are incredibly versatile. They can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, or dinner and are the ideal accompaniment to a variety of main meals. They’re also ideal for a super quick snack, as they’re a rich and tasty protein sauce.

But if you’re enjoying baked beans alone, you might find that you can’t finish a whole tin yourself. As such, is it possible to reheat baked beans? 

To reheat baked beans, either pop them into a microwave-safe container and then microwave for a few minutes. Or, pop them into a pot on the stove for a couple of minutes.

How to Reheat Baked Beans

You can reheat baked beans in the microwave or on the stovetop, depending on which you have at your disposal. Reheating baked beans is super simple, and providing you keep an eye on the moisture content, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

Let’s begin with how to reheat baked beans in the microwave:

How to Reheat Baked Beans in the Microwave

Reheating baked beans in the microwave is nice and simple and should only take a minute. Let’s take a look at what you need to do: 

  1. Place in a Microwave-Safe Container
    Add your baked beans to a microwave-safe container, ideally one with a lid or cover. 
  2. Add Moisture
    If your baked beans are a little short of liquid, add a splash of water. You don’t want to add too much, however, as it can dilute the tomatoey taste of the sauce. 
  3. Cover
    Affix the lid or cover to your microwave-safe container if you have one. If not, a paper towel will do the trick. 
  4. Reheat
    On a medium setting, reheat your baked beans in thirty-second intervals, stirring them each time you remove them from the microwave. 
  5. Serve and Enjoy
    As soon as your baked beans are steaming, they’re ready to be served and enjoyed over freshly baked bread or in a jacket potato

How to Reheat Baked Beans on the Stovetop

If you don’t have a microwave, you can always reheat baked beans on the stovetop. Let’s find out how: 

  1. Add Baked Beans to a Pan
    Pour your baked beans into a suitably sized pan and place it on the stovetop. 
  2. Add Moisture
    If your beans are lacking some moisture, add some water before you switch on the hob, as this will ensure they don’t dry out when you’re reheating them. 
  3. Reheat
    Switch on the hob to medium heat. Reheat your beans for 1-2 minutes, stirring them consistently, so they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. You can always add a splash of water if you’re concerned that they’re looking a little dry. 
  4. Serve and Enjoy
    After a couple of minutes, your baked beans will have been suitably reheated and will be ready to serve up and enjoy! 

How to Reheat Baked Beans Successfully

If you want to have complete success when reheating baked beans, then try to follow these 3 tips:

  • Just Eat Them Cold – Have you ever enjoyed cold baked beans? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing! Cracking open a can of baked beans and enjoying them straight out of the tin is a great way to get your daily protein without having to worry about cooking anything. Trust us, cold baked beans taste great! 
  • Keep Stirring – Whether you’re reheating baked beans in the microwave or on the stovetop, you need to stir them consistently. If you don’t, the sauce will stick to the bottom of the container or pan and will cause you problems when you come to serve your beans.
  • Add Moisture – One of the biggest challenges you face when reheating baked beans is that they are likely to dry out. We recommend adding some extra water to your beans before placing them in the microwave or stovetop, particularly if you’re a little short of sauce to begin with. 
  • Use in Another Dish – Cooked baked beans can be reheated as a part of another dish. Baked beans are often stirred into a casserole or cottage pie to add bulk and flavour.

Is It Safe to Reheat Baked Beans?

You should have absolutely no issues when it comes to reheating baked beans. It’s more likely that issues will stem from the storage of baked beans rather than the reheating process.

If you don’t cover your baked beans well in the fridge, the sauce can dry out, or the beans themselves can go mouldy. You need to make sure they have been placed in a sealed container, so they’re still in good shape when you come to reheat them! 

Reheating Baked Beans FAQs

Do you still have a question or two about reheating baked beans? Then perhaps these will help you out?

Can You Reheat Heinz Baked Beans?

Yes, Heinz baked beans can be reheated. Heinz is probably the most recognised baked bean brand, fortunately, you don’t have to waste any cooked baked beans.

Can You Reheat Baked Beans in the Oven?

Yes, it is possible to reheat baked beans in the oven but it is not the best option to go with. Baked beans will dry out in the oven and may even burn on the bottom. Instead, opt for the microwave or stovetop where you can keep stirring them.

Can You Reheat Spaghetti Hoops?

Generally speaking, you should be fine to reheat spaghetti hoops provided that you’ve stored them correctly and safely in the first place. It’s important to ensure you do not leave them out at room temperature. Reheat Spaghetti Hoops

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