How to Microwave Uncrustables

Written By Acacia Crossley


We all have that one childhood food that our parents refused to buy any other time other than special occasions, no matter how much we begged. For those in the UK, your mind may jump to fruit winders, but for the US, there were few greater lunch treats than Uncrustables. 

The best part about becoming an adult is indulging in your childhood treats. Alas, the woes of adulthood mean having very little time to stop and enjoy such treats, which is why the microwave is any adult’s cooking best friend. But can you heat up and enjoy warm Uncrustables using your microwave?

To microwave Uncrustables, wrap each Uncrustable in a clean paper towel, then microwave for 30 seconds, flipping midway through, then allow to cool for 2 minutes or so.

How to Microwave Uncrustables

As simple as the concept of Uncrustables is (a crustless sandwich filled to the brim with your filling of choice), they are not as simple to microwave as you would think. You need to take certain precautions to ensure that the Uncrustable microwaves evenly.

Here is the best way to microwave Uncrustables: 

  1. Unpackage
    You don’t want to microwave an Uncrustable while it is still in its packaging as it will develop a gross taste. Remove all of the packaging from your Uncrustables before microwaving them. 
  2. Wrap It Up
    Take a clean paper towel and wrap it around the Uncrustable, making sure that all of the sandwich is covered. 
  3. Microwave 
    Place your Uncrustable on a flat plate and heat it up on a medium heat for 15 seconds. 
  4. Flip 
    After 15 seconds, turn the Uncrustable over, being careful of how hot it is. Then microwave again for a further 15 seconds. 
  5. Leave To Cool 
    You need to allow 2 or so minutes for your Uncrustable to cool before you can enjoy it as the filling will be scolding hot. Leave the Uncrustable wrapped in the paper towel while it cools. 
  6. Enjoy 
    Once you are sure that the insides of the Uncrustables have cooled enough to no longer pose a hazard, you can serve up your favourite sandwich on a plate and enjoy. 

How to Microwave Uncrustables Successfully

Uncrustables can be enjoyed cold just as much as they can when heated. However, there is something about a warm Uncrustable for an afternoon snack that hits that craving perfectly.

To ensure that your microwaved Uncrustable tastes just as good as your childhood self remembers, here are a few tips to keep in mind when heating up the sandwich: 

  • Bring Frozen Uncrustables – If you plan on microwaving a frozen Uncrustable, leave the sandwich on your counter and let it warm up to room temperature first. This will stop the Uncrustable from turning mushy and falling apart when heated. 
  • Use a Towel Instead – The last thing a student on a tight budget is likely to have to hand is a roll of paper towels in their kitchen. You can use a thin, clean tea towel to wrap the Uncrustables up instead or simply cover the Uncrustable with a bowl. 
  • Expect it to be DANGEROUSLY Hot – Allowing the Uncrustable to cool before it is eaten is essential if you want to avoid burning your mouth. But if you are really hungry and simply cannot wait for your snack to cool, cut the Uncrustable in half to allow its filling to cool much quicker. 

Why You Should Microwave Uncrustables

As delicious as Uncrustables are cold, there are some moments when you want a delicious hot sandwich to warm up. There are enough reasons to justify using your microwave for cooking your Uncrustables rather than having to settle for a cold snack: 

Better Enjoyed Warm 

There is nothing to say that an Uncrustable can’t be enjoyed cold. However, to really make the sandwich worthwhile, it is better to enjoy it hot.

There are other ways that you can heat up Uncrustables but using a microwave means that the peanut butter and jam found in most Uncrustable variations can melt together to create the ultimate sandwich. 

Quick And Easy 

If you wanted a hot sandwich that wasn’t an Uncrustable then you would have to go to the effort of not only making a sandwich from scratch but also dirtying a few pans to cook the sandwich.

With an Uncrustable all you need to do is wrap it up and shove it into your microwave for less than 1 minute to have a hot sandwich snack. Better yet– you won’t have to deal with any dirty dishes. 

Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Uncrustables

At the end of the day, an Uncrustable is just a sandwich that is crimped with the crusts cut off, hence the snack’s name.

Many sandwiches can be enjoyed when warmed up in the microwave but for a more processed sandwich like Uncrustables, there are a few downsides to using your microwave to warm it up. Such as: 

Potential Burn Hazard 

The various fillings used in Uncrustables tend to heat up much quicker than the outer section of the sandwich, meaning that by the time the whole sandwich heats up properly, the fillings will be scolding hot, potentially burning your or your child’s mouth. 

Soggy Bread 

Generally, the more processed the peanut butter, the oilier it tends to be. There is no denying the processed nature of an Uncrustable or how processed the peanut butter filling is.

That extra oil is likely to seep out of the peanut butter as it is heated, soaking into the bread of the sandwich and making the sandwich soggy, which is the last thing you want a sandwich to be. 

Uneven Cooking 

The thing with a microwave is that it is not necessarily designed to offer an even cooking experience like an oven.

Your Uncrustable is just as likely to be hot to the touch and freezing cold in the middle as it is scolding in the middle and cold to the touch – it all depends on how great your microwave is in particular. 

Smuckers Say Not To

If you want to stick to what the manufacturer of Uncrustables says about using the microwave, then you shouldn’t. They do not recommend using the microwave because the contents can become incredibly hot and dangerous to eat.

Of course… You could just let the filling cool down a little before eating them?

Microwaving Uncrustables FAQs

If you have more questions about microwave Uncrustables, then have a look over these:

What is the Best Way to Cook Uncrustables?

It depends. If you want convenience then a toaster or microwave is the best option. If you want the best results, then a grill or air fryer works great.

Can You Eat Uncrustables Cold?

Of course! They are tastier when warmed up but can be enjoyed cold too.

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