How to Microwave KFC

Want to Enjoy Your KFC Leftovers Warm? Then Reheat Them in the Microwave!

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KFC is one of the most well-loved and well-known fast-food chains. It makes sense that you might find yourself with a bunch of leftovers that you are just a little too full to enjoy.

So why not save them for the next day and enjoy a second dinner that is just as finger-licking good? To do so, you are going to need a microwave! 

To microwave KFC, arrange chicken pieces on a microwave-safe plate then reheat for around 3 minutes. Check it is hot before serving. You can also reheat KFC sides in the microwave.

How to Microwave KFC

The only reason you may need to microwave KFC is to reheat your leftover chicken or chips. You shouldn’t need to use a microwave for cooking your KFC as it will already be cooked – obviously!

However, that doesn’t mean you can just shove your leftovers into your microwave and hope for the best. Different KFC foods require slightly different methods for microwaving: 

How To Microwave KFC Chicken

The key to microwaving chicken from KFC is getting the chicken hot enough so that it is safe to eat and so that any bad bacteria are killed.

Just as important is reheating the chicken at a hot enough temperature so that the chicken’s batter is super crispy and delicious. Here is how to do that: 

  1. Organise The Chicken 
    Take your chicken out of any container or takeaway box and spread it out as much as possible on a microwavable plate. 
  2. Place In Microwave
    Place the plate of chicken directly into your microwave. 
  3. Reheat
    Set your microwave to its highest setting and microwave your KFC chicken for 2 – 3 minutes, depending on the amount of chicken you reheat. 
  4. Check And Serve
    Use a thermometer or skewer to check that the internal temperature of your chicken is piping hot before serving. 
KFC Chicken

How To Microwave KFC Sides 

KFC is not just famous for its chicken. There are also a whole variety of sides that are just as delicious. Luckily you can microwave your KFC sides the same way: 

  1. Transfer
    Take your fries, mash, gravy, etc. and take them out of the container, transferring them onto a microwaveable plate. 
  2. Cover
    If you are microwaving gravy or mashed potatoes, you will need to cover them with a plate or bowl to avoid drying them out. Leave fries uncovered otherwise, they will become soggy. 
  3. Microwave 
    Place your KFC sides into the microwave and set your microwave to a medium-high setting for 3 minutes. Then let your microwave work its magic. 
  4. Serve
    Do not wait for your chicken or sides to cool before serving them directly from the microwave. 

How to Microwave KFC Successfully

Just because KFC’s herbs and spices are a well-kept secret does not mean you have to miss out on a delicious plate of leftover chicken. Here are a few tips that everyone should know when microwaving your KFC: 

  • Properly Store Your Chicken – Leaving your leftover chicken just sitting out on the counter is dangerous, as it could develop bad bacteria. It will also result in soggy and limp chicken. Instead, put leftover KFC directly into the fridge as soon as you are done with it to keep the chicken fresh and delicious. 
  • Keep It Safe – As well as refrigerating your leftover KFC as soon as possible, you also need to ensure that you microwave the chicken at a hot enough temperature to kill any bacteria that may have developed. Use a food thermometer to make sure that the chicken reaches at least 75 C. 
  • Serve Immediately – The last thing you want to be eating is increasingly soggy chicken. As soon as your KFC is hot, serve it straight away. 
  • Do Not Reheat Again – Once you have microwaved your KFC once, you should not microwave it for a second time. Not only will that destroy the texture of your food, but it also encourages the growth of bad bacteria that will not be as easy to destroy the second time around. 

Why You Should Microwave KFC

A microwave is most people’s go to method for reheating leftover food, and for a few very good reasons. Here are just a few points as to why you should microwave your KFC: 

Quick And Simple 

If you were to use your oven to microwave KFC, then you will likely be waiting up to 15 minutes for your KFC to warm up, especially if you are reheating chicken.

However, a microwave has an intense enough heat that it only needs 5 minutes to thoroughly reheat your chicken, with most sides taking even less time. 

Perfect For One Serving 

Your microwave is the perfect way to reheat KFC when you only have enough leftover chicken or mashed potato for one serving. It will save you from turning on your oven to reheat a few chicken pieces. 

Why You Shouldn’t Microwave KFC

Though KFC is a fast-food chain, they are a chain that relies on deep-fat fryers and very hot ovens to make its food. As such, there are some disadvantages to microwaving your KFC: 

A Soggy Mess

One of the most appealing things about KFC is the crispy crunch of the signature chicken batter.

Unfortunately, a microwave tends to hold the moisture of food as it cooks it, which is the last thing you want when you are trying to achieve a crispy batter. This is also likely to happen if you microwave KFC fries or other fried foods. 

Different Reheating Times 

What KFC product you are microwaving will require a different reheating time. This can make it quite challenging to reheat various KFC leftovers at one time which would be much easier if you were using your oven instead. 

Not Everything Works

The KFC menu is extensive. However, not every KFC product will fair well in the microwave.

For example, a KFC burger bun will turn into a mushy mess if you were to microwave it. Only use your microwave to heat up chicken or fried KFC products. 

Microwaving KFC FAQs

Do you still have questions about microwaving KFC? Then check these out:

Can You Microwave KFC Gravy?

Yes, KFC gravy can be microwaved. Pour it into a microwave-safe container, then reheat it in 30-second bursts until it is piping hot.

Can You Freeze KFC?

If you don’t think you’ll eat KFC in the next couple of days, then yes, you can freeze it. once cooled, pop it into an airtight container and freeze it for up to 3 months. Ensure you write a clear label on the box.

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