How to Microwave Fish Fingers

Written By Ross Young


Fish fingers are a staple in households across the globe whether they’re served in a bun or alongside chips. The go-to method for cooking fish fingers is in the oven. But here’s how to microwave fish fingers instead.

To microwave fish fingers, place them on a microwave-safe plate then blast for 1 minute. Turn, then repeat for another 2 minutes. Check they’re hot and then enjoy!

How to Microwave Fish Fingers

Fish fingers are usually bought in the frozen aisles of supermarkets and you don’t need to worry about thawing them to cook. You can cook them from frozen, even if you want to cook them in a microwave.

If you’re used for time and don’t want to turn the oven on then it is possible to microwave fish fingers by following this method:

  1. Place Fish Fingers on a Plate
    Grab out the number of fish fingers you want from the freezer and pop them onto a microwavable plate.
  2. Heat for 1 Minute
    Put the plate in the microwave and heat on full power for one minute.
  3. Turn and Microwave
    Turn the fish fingers over and pop them back into the microwave for another two minutes.
  4. Check
    Check the fish fingers are hot throughout and are hot enough to be safe.
  5. Blast Again If Needed
    If they need a little longer put them back into the microwave for thirty seconds and then check them again.
  6. Serve When Hot
    Repeat until the fish fingers are hot all the way through then serve. The time it takes will increase if you put more fish fingers in the microwave at any one time.
Can You Defrost Fish Fingers in the Microwave?

One of the best things about fish fingers is how quick and easy they are to cook without any fuss. You don’t need to defrost them at all and they will taste best if you cook them from frozen.

How to Microwave Fish Fingers Successfully

If you want things to go well when it comes to microwaving fish fingers, make sure you read these 3 simple tips:

  • Check the Temperature – When cooking any type of fish you do need to take extra care to ensure it is fully cooked all the way through. This is especially true when you are cooking from frozen. If you can use a food thermometer to check the fish fingers in the middle. To be safe it needs to be at 70 degrees celsius.
  • Crisp Under the Grill – One problem with cooking fish fingers in the microwave is that you don’t get a crispy outside like you would if you cooked them in the oven or under the grill. If you really want that crispy skin then once you have microwaved them then pop them under a grill for a couple of minutes to crisp up the skin.
  • Allow to Rest – Once the fish fingers are cooked you can pop them onto the side and leave them for a minute before serving. This helps the heat to disperse fully throughout the whole fish finger. You would usually stir the food to help with this but you can’t stir a fish finger very easily!

Why You Should Microwave Fish Fingers

There are a couple of benefits to using the microwave to cook fish fingers. Here are two reasons to use the microwave:

Super Speedy

The main advantage of cooking your fish fingers in the microwave is just how quickly you can cook them. Within a few minutes, you can have dinner ready. Perfect for when you need to make dinner in a hurry.

The obvious advantage of a microwave is that there’s no need to wait for it to preheat. It’s ready to go at the flick of a switch. According to Uswitch, the microwave is the most efficient way to heat food up!

Still Delicious

Fish fingers in the microwave can taste surprisingly delicious. Because you are cooking them from frozen they retain much of their moisture and you should end up with delicious flakey fish in the middle that is perfectly cooked.

Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Fish Fingers

However, it’s not all good news, unfortunately. There are a couple of drawbacks to microwaving fish fingers:

Easy to Overcook

It is very easy to overcook food in the microwave, especially something like fish fingers.

If you overcook them they can become burnt and chewy rather than flakey and delicious. Just make sure you check them regularly and you can easily avoid this. This is why we advise using blasts of 1 minute when microwaving them.

Lack of Crispy Texture

The biggest disadvantage of using a microwave to cook fish fingers is that they aren’t quite the same texture as if you cooked them in the oven as usual. They can end up a little soggy and you will never get a crispy or crunchy breadcrumb skin.

You can, of course, crisp them up under the grill once you’ve cooked them through in the microwave but then you may as well have used the grill from the start if you’re going to the effort of turning it on.

Microwaving Fish Fingers FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about microwaving fish fingers then these FAQs might be of help:

Can You Cook Fish Fingers in the Toaster?

It is possible to cook fish fingers in the toaster if you use reusable toaster bags. It is a bit messy and it’s incredibly easy to burn them. We would advise sticking to the oven or the microwave.

Can You Microwave Fish Cakes?

Yes! Like fish fingers, you can also microwave fish cakes. The method remains roughly the same. Place them on a plate, microwave for 2 minutes, flip and then repeat. You just need to check they’re piping hot through.

What is the Best Way to Cook Fish Fingers?

Although the microwave is quick and easy, you’ll get the best results from using the oven. By cooking fish fingers in the oven, you’ll get crispy fish fingers that are still moist in the centre.

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