How to Microwave Chocolate Chips

A lot of baking recipes rely on traditional cooking methods. Especially recipes that make well-loved favourite sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cake. But traditional does not always mean convenience. 

Like many things in baking, melting chocolate chips using traditional methods can take a while and not always yield great results. So why not try a modern alternative… the microwave!

To microwave chocolate chips, add the chocolate chips to a microwave-safe bowl and then microwave on half power for a minute. Stir and then microwave in 20-second intervals until just melted.

How to Microwave Chocolate Chips

When you microwave chocolate chips, there is no need for a fancy broil or high-quality glass mixing bowls. You only need a bowl, a whisk or a spatula and to follow this simple method: 

  1. Add The Chips
    Measure out how many chocolate chips your recipe requires and add them directly to a microwaveable bowl. 
  2. Set The Microwave
    Before you microwave your chocolate chips, check that it is set to half power/medium heat. 
  3. Microwave
    Place the chocolate chips in the microwave and heat for 1 minute. 
  4. Stir 
    Remove the bowl and mix the chocolate chips, scraping the bottom and sides of the bowl too. 
  5. Microwave Again 
    Set the chocolate chips back in the microwave and heat the chips again, this time in 20-second intervals. Stop and stir the chips after every interval. 
  6. Stop! 
    Before the chips are entirely melted, remove the bowl from the microwave.  
  7. Smooth The Chocolate
    Use a spatula or whisk to smooth out the last chocolate chips. They will be hot enough to continue melting entirely without burning. 
  8. Use Immediately 
    As soon as the chocolate is smooth enough, add it to your recipe. 
Why Won’t My Chocolate Chips Melt in the Microwave?

If your chocolate chips aren’t melting but are becoming grainy, then it is seizing. You can fix this by adding minimal amounts of boiling water and stirring vigorously. It can also be achieved using a little drizzle of vegetable oil.

How to Microwave Chocolate Chips Successfully

Okay, it may be a little condescending to offer tips on microwaving chocolate chips, but the task is not as easy as most think! Melting chocolate never is. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when microwaving chocolate chips:

  • Grab A Big Enough Bowl – Chocolate chips microwave best when they are not all piled on top of each other. The fewer layers there are in the bowl, the quicker the centre chips will melt. Using a sizable bowl if you are microwaving a lot of chocolate chips is vital. 
  • Use Immediately – The thing with melted chocolate is that it will only stay melted for so long, especially in the colder months. As the chocolate cools, it will start to harden again to form one big chocolate block, so wait as little time as possible to use your microwaved chocolate chips. 
  • Allow To Cool – Though you should not wait too long to use your microwaved chocolate chips, you may need to allow a little cooling time, depending on the recipe. Pouring hot, melted chocolate over cream or delicate egg mixtures may ruin your recipe. 
  • Chop The Chips – Smaller chocolate chips will take a much shorter time to melt completely than large chocolate chunks. To make microwaving larger chocolate chips quicker, cut them up roughly with a sharp knife into more manageable pieces.

Why You Should Microwave Chocolate Chips

As mentioned above, using a microwave to melt your chocolate chips is a great convenient method that many modern recipes are now incorporating into their instructions. Here are a few reasons why: 

Quick and Efficient

Melting chocolate chips can be time-consuming on the stove as the heat has to be low enough not to burn the chocolate. 

Microwaving chocolate chips in intervals will not only prevent the chocolate from burning but will also be much quicker as the microwave produces heat differently to a stove so that you can have the heat higher. 

Less Risk of Burning

While it is true that you will have to keep a close eye on your microwaving chocolate chips, there is much less chance that the chips will burn. Especially if you continuously take the chips out to stir. 

Not everyone knows how to use a broiler to melt chocolate chips which can often lead to a lot of lumpy or burnt chocolate. But everyone knows how to use a microwave and how to stop the chocolate from burning. 

Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Chocolate Chips

Of course, as is the case when breaking away from tradition, some issues come along with microwaving chocolate chips:

Requires Attention

As efficient and quick as microwaving chocolate chips may be, you can not just leave the chips to melt. You will need to be on standby to mix the chocolate chips to prevent them from burning. 

Even then, if you do not attend to the chips quick enough, they are still likely to burn. The process will require your full attention, which can be inconvenient. 

Not All Chips Melt Great

You can microwave any chocolate chip. However, not every chocolate brand does well with the intense heat of a microwave. 

Unless you are an avid baker, you will most likely have to rely on trial and error to figure out which chocolate chips do best in your microwave, which can result in a lot of burnt and wasted chocolate. 

Melted Chocolate

Microwaving Chocolate Chips FAQs

Do you have more questions about microwaving chocolate chips? Then these might help you out:

How Do You Melt Chocolate Chips for Drizzling?

First, you should start with chocolate that has a high-fat content. This will melt into a nice consistency for drizzling. You can then melt it in a microwave. Once melted, either drizzle with a spoon or use a piping bag for more control.

Can You Microwave White Chocolate Chips?

Yes, you can microwave white chocolate chips. They have a tendency to seize a little easier so use shorter bursts, checking them between each burst. White Chocolate Chips

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