How to Freeze Hot Dog Buns

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Hot dog buns are the perfect holder for not just hot dogs but all the extra condiments and sauces that make hot dogs a treat. Unfortunately, hot dog buns are not easy to keep for longer than a day or two. They tend to go stale.

Can freezing your leftover hot dog buns make the buns last longer? And is it worth dedicating a space in your freezer to spare hot dog buns the next time you have a BBQ? 

To freeze hot dog buns, wrap the buns in cling film, pop them into a freezer bag and then freeze for up to 3 months. Frozen hot dog buns can be defrosted in the microwave.

How to Freeze Hot Dog Buns

Hot dog buns are perhaps the most straightforward bread product to freeze, requiring little effort. You can use two freezing methods to freeze hot dog buns depending on how many you want to freeze at once. 

Here are the best two methods for freezing hot dog buns:

How to Freeze Hot Dog Buns in Bulk

When you have more than just a couple of hot dog buns to freeze, it will be easier to freeze the buns together rather than individually. 

Doing so will also make it easier to defrost larger portions of hot dog buns for your next summer event, saving you time in the long run. Here is how: 

  1. Cover The Buns In Plastic Wrap
    Gather the hot dog buns together and wrap them in plastic wrap. Be careful not to squash the buns but ensure that the plastic wrap is tight enough that it will not come loose. If you still have hot dog buns left in the original packaging, skip this step. 
  2. Place In Freezer Bag
    Once the hot dog buns are wrapped, you can carefully transfer them to a freezer bag. Or, if you don’t have a big freezer bag, a large airtight container. 
  3. Remove The Air
    The trapped air will make the hot dog buns stale in the freezer even once frozen. For the best fresh buns, squeeze any remaining air out of the freezer bag. 
  4. Secure And Seal
    Secure shut the lid of the container or the zipper of the freezer bag. Double check that the seal is completely air-tight. 
  5. Label And Freeze
    Use a marker to mark the use-by date of the hot dog buns (3 months in advance) and place the hot dog buns somewhere in your freezer so that they won’t get squashed. 
How Do You Defrost Hot Dog Buns in Bulk?

Unwrap all the hot dog buns and place a dam tea towel over the buns. Then use a microwave on 50% power to defrost them for up to 1 minute.

How to Freeze Individual Hot Dog Buns

If you only have a few leftover hot dog buns that you want to freeze but don’t want to throw away, you can also freeze them. 

You will likely need more plastic wrap for this method than the one above, as you will need to wrap the buns at least twice individually. But otherwise, it is a straightforward method to follow:

  1. Wrap The Buns Twice
    Using plastic wrap, completely cover each hot dog bun leaving no part of the bun exposed. 
  2. Place In A Freezer Bag
    When you have a few buns wrapped, place them in a freezer bag for more convenient storage. You could leave the buns as they are but using a freezer bag will keep them all in one place in your freezer. 
  3. Remove All The Air
    Gently remove all the air from the freezer bag as you can and securely zip the bag shut. 
  4. Label And Freeze
    Noting down how many hot dog buns you have in the freezer bag, label the bag with a use-by date and leave them to freeze at the back of your freezer. Individually frozen hot dog buns will last up to 3 months in your freezer. 
How Do You Defrost Individual Hot Dog Buns?

You can individually defrost your hot dog buns by unwrapping them and microwaving them in a damp tea towel for up to 30 seconds. 

How to Freeze Hot Dog Buns Successfully

As simple as freezing hot dog buns may be, nobody wants soggy or (even worse) stale hot dog buns. To get the most out of your frozen hot dog buns and to ensure a successful freeze, here are a few tips you can use: 

  • Freeze Straight Away – The extra moisture when you defrost hot dog buns will not make the buns fluffy again if you wait too long to freeze the buns in the first place. When you know you have leftover hot dog buns to freeze, wrap the buns up and freeze them.
  • Double Wrap Your Buns – To give hot dog buns extra protection against freezer burn, double wrap them with plastic wrap. Even if you have an unopened bag of hot dog buns, double wrapping them in plastic wrap won’t hurt. 

Do Hot Dog Buns Freeze Well?

Hot dog buns can be frozen in bulk and as individual buns very easily. 

The trick is to ensure that the buns are securely wrapped in plastic wrap and are not left too exposed to the freezer air, as this could result in stale hot dog buns. 

Freezing Hot Dog Buns FAQs

If you still have a query or two about freezing hot dog buns then these FAQs might help you out:

How Long Do Hot Dog Buns Last?

When kept in a bread bin or a dark cupboard away from major temperature fluctuations, hot dog buns will keep for between 5 and 7 days before they begin to turn stale.

Can You Freeze Stale Hot Dog Buns?

No, freezing stale hot dog buns will not fix them or make them less stale. When freezing anything, you want to start with the freshest produce with the best quality.

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